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January 11, 2012

New Adobe Carousel release and name change to Adobe Revel

Tonight we went live with the 1.1 version of Adobe Carousel, this fixes a bunch of mostly small bugs and adds a couple new features as well: auto-import from camera roll and posting to flickr. We’re working on a bunch of new features now for another release soon, some requested by you on our forums. Keep those requests coming!

Another major change with this release is that the app is now called “Adobe Revel.”

There is more information on the product page and on the Photoshop Blog.

We reached a few milestones recently that the team is also pretty proud and excited about. We are now managing more than 21 million customer images. The application has also been downloaded almost 4 million times. We want to continue to improve the application and make it ever more useful and fun for you to use, so please send us your suggestions and feature requests!

[Update 1/11/12]
I forgot to include the links to the app store:
iTunes (iOS):
Mac App Store (OS X):

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