Tutorials for After Effects in Arabic at Qtab.net

Cairo, Egypt: the home of Qtab.net.

Cairo, Egypt: the home of Qtab.net.

After Effects Help is translated into a number of languages for our foreign customers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to support every language on the planet. That’s why when we come upon a new resource for foreign language users of After Effects, we like to tell you about it.

Recently, I happened upon a cool After Effects resource for Arabic speakers. It’s a tutorial based website called Qtab.net, located in Cairo, Egypt. The site is run by Essam and Heba Hawas. Heba is the voice behind all the tutorials and she does a wonderful job (check out Heba’s tutorial about the Roto Brush here). They also do tutorials for the cartoon creation program, Toon Boom.

In addition to the Qtab website, you can also reach out to Qtab on both Facebook and Twitter (@qtabdotnet). Heba Hawas also has some videos uploaded to Vimeo here. Be sure to connect with them if you are interested in learning more about After Effects in the Arabic world.

Not an Arabic speaker but looking for resources for After Effects in your native language? There’s already a fine blog post called, “Getting Started and Help and Support Pages in Several Languages” that addresses foreign language support on Todd Kopriva’s “After Effects Region of Interest” blog.

The folks at qtab.net can also be found helping folks out with After Effects on the new Arabic language forum here at Adobe.

5 Responses to Tutorials for After Effects in Arabic at Qtab.net

  1. Leandro Reis says:

    Great resource for Adobe’s Arabic-speaking customers.

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  3. Thanks for Essam and Heba Hawas
    Great resource and Websites for foreign language users of After Effects

  4. Ibrahim says:

    very useful site .. them doing really good job

  5. ghadaeissa-ae says:

    wonderful to be have after effects with Arabic lessons from great arabic qtab teamwork