New Video Training Series: Premiere Pro CS5 for Avid Editors

Are you an Avid editor looking to make the change to Premiere Pro CS5? Have a job more suited to Premiere Pro’s native tapeless workflow? Maybe you’re looking to round trip an Avid sequence to a favorite Adobe application. If so, you’re not alone, my friend.

Fortunately, a new resource for Avid editors needing information about Premiere Pro has been released. It’s the new title from Video2Brain called, “Premiere Pro CS5 for Avid Editors – Your Guide to Making the Leap to Premiere Pro”. This video series for Avid to Premiere Pro users is the first of its kind.

Editor Maxim Jago hosts the series, lending insight to the key similarities and differences of the applications. He even points out where Premiere Pro might even be a better tool for the job. Maxim is both an Avid and Premiere Pro expert, so his advice is definitely top-notch and spot on. He’s got great presentation skills and is easy to understand.

One of the things about the series I appreciate most is that it does not “talk down” to you. Since editing concepts and workflow are similar in the Avid Media Composer and Premiere Pro, you’ll be provided only with new information that you’ll need to get the job done.

Curious? Well, you’re in luck! Video2Brain has provided some excellent video samples for you to view. Take a look and see what you think.

Introducing Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Nesting Sequences
Clip and File Metadata Explained
Exploring Creative Suite Production Premium
Round-Tripping with Avid Media Composer
Working with Audio in Premiere Pro

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5 Responses to New Video Training Series: Premiere Pro CS5 for Avid Editors

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  4. jp.dimmers says:

    Make a jump ‘backwards’ from Media Composer 5.1 to Adobe Premier….. Why!!!

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi JP,
      One reason is that you can use Premiere Pro as a conduit for getting to After Effects. Adobe Premiere Pro has better performance with native formats too, no need to put up with stuttery AMA. Why not do a rough cut in Premiere with its native tapeless workflow? Then, export an AAF to Media Composer for fine trimming. These days, you should take advantage of all apps for a smoother workflow.