Free After Effects CS5.5 Tutorials from

Recently, After Effects CS5.5 was released with a bunch of new features you’ll want to know more about. has commissioned After Effects whiz Mark Christiansen to create helpful tutorials describing these features. Here, you’ll find two free sample movies that will help you learn about the Warp Stabilizer and creating lens blur with the After Effects camera. The course delves into most of the main features of After Effects CS5.5 including Light Falloff, Stereoscopic 3D, and workflow improvements.

In this blog, I’ve provided links to the videos and some related links below each one.


Performing a basic stabilization with the Warp Stabilizer
Help: Stabilize Motion (CS5.5)
Adobe TV: Warp Stabilizer Instant Gratification

Creating lens blur with the After Effects camera
Help: Camera Settings
Adobe TV: 3D Camera Depth of Field Parameters

Thanks to Mark and for creating the tutorials. Here is a link to all the tutorials and the courseware: After Effects CS5.5 New Features. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the post Kevin. Your readers might also be interested in another course we published today by author Chris Meyer, that shows how to use the various new features in After Effects CS5.5 in real world creative projects and effects. The course is called After Effects CS5.5 New Creative Techniques, and some of those videos are available for free as well. All the details available here: