Updating Help for CS5.5 Applications

The New Community Help Client

The New Community Help Client

As you may know, Creative Suite CS5.5 has just been released. Along with the release is a new version of the Community Help Client, offering a host of new features. Update Help so that you can have access to these features. You should also update Help in order to get local content installed that you may need when you are away from an internet connection.

How to update Help
You can update the Community Help Client by doing the following:

  1. Choose Applications > Adobe > Adobe Help
    You can also launch any Creative Suite application and choose Help > (product name) Help.
  2. In Help, click the Update Now button.

Your Community Help Client will now be updated.

Download CS5.5 Content
Now that the new Community Help Client has been updated, you’ll have access to new local content, including versions of Help you can take with you when you’re not connected to the internet. Click the Download button to begin receiving updates to local content.

New Features of the Community Help Client
The Community Help Client has the features that you are used to, such as doing a search, clicking on a hypertext link to a web page, and then displaying the page you are interested in viewing. There are some new features in the Community Help Client you may be interested in, as follows:

Tabbed Browsing: You now have the ability to open multiple pages from multiple sources simultaneously. To open any page in a tab, do one the following:

  • After searching for content by entering search terms in the search field, right click on any link in the left column and choose > Open Link in New Tab. The page is then loaded into the interface in a new tab. Continue to load content into new tabs in this fashion.
  • Click the Open New Tab button (a plus sign in the upper right corner of the interface). Right click on links in the left column to load the content into the new tab.
  • Choose File > New Tab to return to Home in a new tab. Once you are Home, right click on any other links in the left column and choose > Open Link in New Tab. You can also click any other product icon in the main interface to load that product’s Help into the tab.

Favorites and Bookmarks: Now, you can bookmark a favorite URLs to be saved for future reference.  To add a bookmark to the Community Help Client, do one of the following:

  • Click the Bookmark button in the top right area of the Community Help Client.
  • Choose Favorites > Add Page to Favorites.

The Add Favorite Dialog Box

The Add Favorite Dialog Box

The Add Favorite dialog launches so that you can save the bookmark to the proper location. Click the Favorites drop down menu, select the desired location, and then click Done.

You can edit these Favorites in the Add Favorite dialog. To manage Favorites, choose Favorites > Manage Favorites. The Favorites and History dialog launches. In this dialog, you can move bookmarks, delete bookmarks, add additional folders, or delete folders.

  • To move a bookmark, click and drag it to a new folder.
  • To delete a bookmark, select it and then press the Delete button.
  • To add a folder into the main branch, click the New Folder button.
  • To add a folder into an existing folder, click the New Folder button, and then drag the folder into the existing folder. You can also open an existing folder, select an existing item within the folder, and then click the New Folder.
  • To delete a folder, select it, and then press the Delete button.

Search and Browse History: The Favorites and History dialog also contains a search and a browsing history within the Community Help Client. Any search or page you have browsed in the client is included in the dialog. To view any items from browsing or searching, and then saving them as favorites, do the following.

  1. Select either Browsing History or Search History in the left column of the client. Folders with dates on them, as well as one listed as, “Today” will appear.
  2. Open the desired folder by clicking on the disclosure triangle.
  3. Double click any entry to load it into the main window client.
  4. Once loaded, you can save it as a Favorite by choosing Favorites > Add page to Favorites.

Local content is ready to install

Local content is ready to install

Revamped Local Content Download Workflow: Unlike past versions of the Community Help Client, new content will download in the background once you click the Download button. This makes for an uninterrupted workflow for users who simply want to access content first and foremost. If new content is available for download, you’ll see the words, “Local content updates available” in the lower left corner of the interface. Press the Home button at the top of the interface, you’ll see similar text, along with the Download button in the main window of the client. Press the Download button to begin downloading local content.

Silent Application Updates: The update experience for the CS applications is similar to the local content download experience.  Going forward, application updates will be downloaded in the background without interruption to your workflow.

Performance Enhancements: The start-up and browsing performance has been greatly improved. It’s a lot faster than previous versions of the Community Help Client. Try it!

We hope you enjoy your experience with the all-new Community Help Client. If you have any trouble with the client, be sure to ask questions at the Community Help Application user-to-user forum. If your installation of the Community Help Client has failed, you can reinstall it. See this link for more information about reinstalling the client.

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  1. JimBlow says:

    Just please tell me how I can get local help content for CS5 back. I have tried all the suggestions, and am able to get online help only. Thank You, Jim.