Alternatives to the jog shuttle controls in Premiere Pro CS6

The Premiere Pro CS6 user interface has been vastly improved, with a cleaner look and customizable buttons. In cleaning up the UI, however, there was one casualty: the jog shuttle controls.

We know that a number of our users relied upon the jog shuttle controls for scrubbing through footage, but many more did not. We found this out through research from our Product Improvement Program, the prerelease program, from observing professional editors in action during customer visits and in studios at our office. We observed that more editors used the J-K-L keys to scrub footage, rather than the jog shuttle controls. The obvious benefit of the removal of the controls is that the interface looks much cleaner.

We were aware, though, that a sample of our users might be upset if we removed them. To those users, we apologize. The alternative is to use the J-K-L keys to scrub footage. The use of these keys imitates the jog shuttle controls closely, with the benefit of not having to use the mouse to precisely click a set of controls.

We know that J-K-L scrubbing could be improved. We are aware of the following problems:

  • The high speed scrubbing with JJJJ or LLLL is not fast enough, compared with other NLEs.
  • When scrubbing at high speed, the audio pitch is too high, and therefore not as audible as it could be.
    • Note: You can dial down the audio pitch to be much more audible when scrubbing at high speed.
      • When scrubbing forward with LLLL, press the Shift key, and then press the J key multiple times until audio playback is more audible.
      • When scrubbing backward with JJJJ, press the Shift key, and then press the L key multiple times until audio playback is more audible.
    • Press Shift + L to play forward slowly. Continue to press the L key until the pitch and speed is satisfactory.
    • Press Shift + J to play backward slowly. Continue to press the J key until the pitch and speed is satisfactory.

See this video by Maxim Jago for a good explanation of how to use the J-K-L keys:

For information about how to operate J-K-L scrubbing, see this page in Premiere Pro Help.

Some users report that third-party hardware, such as, the Countour Shuttle works as a suitable replacement for the jog/shuttle controls.

If you can think of any other improvements, please file them as a feature request here:

48 Responses to Alternatives to the jog shuttle controls in Premiere Pro CS6

  1. Dave says:

    O please just put the bar back! Or make it an option to have it there or not. I have been using premiere pro since 1.0, I hate this!

    • kmonahan says:

      I know, Dave. You aren’t alone. I don’t like it when controls are removed either. You can always submit a feature request: In the meantime, practice your JKL skills, I have not needed to use the jog/shuttle controls since I became good with the keyboard.

  2. Que Si says:

    We would absolutely love it if there was an option for the jog shuttle controls. I am stunned that this was removed completely…

    Thank you

  3. James Kenneth says:

    Very disappointed to see the shuttle jog control removed to have a “Cleaner look”. Your product improvement program have failed miserably in this regard. I am not sure how removing such a key tool is an improvement. If users find the shuttle to be an eye sore have an option to remove it for them.

    • kmonahan says:

      Sorry you feel that way. Personally, I never used the jog/shuttle controls as I was trained to use JKL scrubbing as a substitute. That’s what I would recommend for you.

  4. Really miss the Jog Schuttle in CS 6. I’ve watched the videos several times and still can’t get the jkl system to work. It is far from “awsome”. Please at least give us the option of adding the schuttle from an update. Thanks

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    I’m coming to PPro from FCP7. I have no problem with the missing scrub bar as I’m accustomed to using J-K-L. What I do have a problem with is the audio pitch shift. Any editor can tell you that efficiency makes money. In FCP7, I could scan through footage at higher speeds and still understand dialog, cutting my review and search time down significantly. Can’t do this in PPro with the audio pitch shift as dialog is very difficult to understand. Scrubbing forward then using Shift-J to make audio playback more audible defeats the purpose of scrubbing forward as Shift-J slows the scrub speed.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Mike,
      The audio pitch shifting is annoying to folks coming from FCP, however, that is the default way audio is handled in other NLEs, including Avid Media Composer. As you found, you can tap the Shift key with J or K a few times to slow or speed audio to a listenable pitch. If you want it more like FCP, create a feature request:

  6. Per says:

    What’s not mentioned on this page is the ability to use shift-j,k,l (to play the timeline slowly). Once I figured that out I didn’t miss the jogger as much.

  7. Colin says:

    The Scrubber was Clutch.. Super Duper bummed that it is gone!!! What an epic fail by someone in Adobe. JKL just doesn’t do it. Wondering if I want to revert to CS.5 again. Has anyone tried the third party plug in the “contour shuttle”. Adobe, you dropped the ball here, good for you that Final Cut X is a disaster or I’d do the switch.

  8. Colin says:

    That “Contour Shuttle” isnt even a plug in…. Who ever decided to remove the Jog Shuttle is an idiot. PUT IT BACK in an update PLEASE!!!!

    • kmonahan says:

      No, it’s not. But if you really need jog/shuttle, it’s available. I was taught to use JKL over Jog/Shuttle. Sorry you don’t feel the same way. Jog/Shuttle is definitely out for CS6, but you can always make a feature request to replace it in future releases:

      In the mean time, try the Shift+JKL keys for variable speed control, as you would use a jog/shuttle control. It does take getting used to. Good luck.

  9. Dale Simmons says:

    So now Adobe is moving to ‘form over functionality’ and making an arbitrary decision on what is better for the user community!!!! You have provided a button editor and you could have left the jog and shuttle controls in this editor. Instead you remove a functionality that the user community has grown accustomed to simply to make things look ‘prettier’. There is no rational logic that supports the removal of these controls even if the JKL key functionality offers some benefits. I don’t have the time to spend “getting used to them” and I can tell you for a fact that they do NOT provide equivalent usability to the jog and shuttle controls. This change must have originated with a PC gamer who has spent a significant part of his life using a keyboard to while away the time. As far as a user interface design this is a joke. This is the first time I have been disappointed by Adobe and it is a huge disappointment indeed.

  10. muccapazzamucca says:

    Next month many Italian users will start in a class action lawsuit against Adobe for changes in the new CS6. Commands that are used since the first version and therefore an integral part of the software can not be removed without the user is informed. In Italy we are so many who have purchased the software and have lost many commands; the user must read this in external box of changes.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi muccapazzamucca,
      I really have no control over what the Premiere Pro team adds, fixes, or removes. Sorry you don’t like the changes.

      Please understand that all software changes over time for a number of reasons. Consider our competition, Is FCP the same since 1.0? How about Avid Media Composer? No, on both accounts. Do legacy users of NLE software hate change? Pretty much, so I certainly understand. However, If we kept Premiere Pro the same way for all versions of the application, we would never attract new users. We need to attract new users to survive as a company.

      Again, I am sorry you are having trouble with Premiere Pro CS6. I’ll pass along the information about your frustrations. Again, I always recommend you file a feature request or bug report here:


  11. Dale Simmons says:

    I have to respond to your statement about change for the sake of competition. It is absurd to claim that you have to make changes just for the sake of making changes in order to be competitive. Delivering what your customer base finds value added is how you remain competitive. And needlessly removing functionality simply to change something is beyond stupid. You may not have control over what the what the Premiere Pro team does to the product but someone at Adobe certainly better. I just signed on for the monthly subscription for Creative Suite and now Adobe has a captive customer who theoretically is willing to shell out a monthly fee forever in order to use the product and keep up with the latest updates. However, if Adobe is going to ‘remain competitive’ by making stupid changes to the product I am certainly not going to pay a monthly fee to be frustrated. I will stick with a previous version that actually works sensibly and keep my money. I hope someone at Adobe product development is paying attention to this thread because I am sure it will grow. And I already made a request to but the controls back in – I wish I had confidence that it will make any difference.

    • kmonahan says:

      Sorry you don’t agree with the direction the team took regarding removing the jog/shuttle controls. Take a look at any other modern NLE and the controls have been removed there too.

      Avid Media Composer interface
      Sony Vegas interface
      Edius interface
      Final Cut Pro X interface
      Autodesk Smoke interface

      As you can see, there are no major NLEs with jog/shuttle controls. Since you read my post, you know that this decision was based on customer feedback, our product improvement program, and our feature requests (many of which were new customers asking us to clean up our busy interface). We knew that some of our existing customers would resist the removal of the controls, and for that, we apologize. We would really like you to upgrade to the Creative Cloud, but If the feature is important to you, you can remain on Premiere Pro CS5.5, or earlier. We understand that others might feel as you do and will remain on legacy products for some time to come.

      Thanks for providing feedback, others reading this can make a feature request here:
      If enough customers request that the controls be put back, the team will consider doing so. That’s how your feature request “counts.”

  12. mark harrigan says:

    I am so furious that they eliminated the jog wheel that I am returning my Production Premium 6 Upgrade. So I will use your own words back at the Adobe geniuses who decided this, “SORRY.” I expect this kind of ineptitude from Microsoft NOT Adobe.

    Mark Harrigan
    Palm Partners Productions
    Old City Productions

  13. mark harrigan says:

    FYI, if you are going to keep the CS6 without the jog wheel, you will need a keyboard WITH a jog wheel…(see link below.)

  14. Jeff says:

    I’m on a tabletPC. I don’t HAVE the JKL keys.

  15. David says:

    I must say that the jog and shuttle were incredibly useful tools and simply saying ‘I was taught JKL’ isn’t a good enough response. People work differently, some are more mouse based, some are more keyboard based. While i believe that software has to evolve and develop to improve, and I can live with this change, I do agree with others that the option to include or remove these buttons would be the best of both worlds.

    However, the lack of the zoom option in the bottom left of the timeline is catastrophic!! It was so much quicker to use the old slider that everyone is familiar with from the other packages in the adobe family. Editing is about working swiftly and efficiently and this has just increased my edit time. I often do lots of refinements at a frame level in the timeline and love the functionality of the zoom slider. It doesn’t sound much but having to trudge the mouse over to the opposite end of the timeline is tricky, time consuming and cumbersome. I am comfortable with this functionality in practice from using Maya but I am finding it extremely frustrating having this forced into the timeline on premiere on what I consider such a fundamental tool.


  16. Tim says:

    I understand your stated rationale for hiding these controls but what I don’t understand is why it is a bad thing to give your users a choice. Instead of pleasing a subset of users you can please everyone. How can more control over your user interface be a bad thing?

  17. Jeff Chow says:

    I love the JKL keys myself and just discovered the wonders of Shift+J and Shift+L!
    But I can totally understand that learning the keyboard shortcuts (especially if you don’t use Premiere everyday) can be a pain. That’s why I’m working on turning your iPad into a control surface for Premiere (and other programs). Not only do you get a jog wheel and shuttle, but buttons for quickly cutting sequences and gestures that allow you to keep your eye on your footage. Similar to the $3000 Lightworks console, with better ergonomics than the Bella and still less expensive than the Contour Shuttle Pro.

    We just had a successful Kickstarter in November with (ambitious) plans to launch by the end of April.

    @Kevin, I have been trying to figure out how to integrate the Trimming tools into the interface. Would love to hear your thoughts!


    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Jeff,
      This looks very cool. Thanks for posting. It would be nice to see all the trim functions available on your new device. Ripple, roll, slip, slide, extend, ripple trim to playhead (tops and tails), etc.

  18. Chad says:

    This smells like what was done to the crop tool in Photoshop CS6. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
    I certainly submitted a feature request. Maybe if enough of those go through we will see it back in CS7. In the meantime, I’m just going to be grumpy.

  19. Cant wait for the update on the “Cloud” to get my shuttle back, I used this tool all the time, and I have been using that control since I started using Premiere in 1999, please bring it back….soon!

  20. Nick Hauselman says:

    I just jumped in from FCP and it’s definitely faster and better. The scrubbing though isn’t fast enough. Has there been any work to increase JKL scrubbing speed? thx

  21. Alicia says:

    Woud be great if there were a speed of playback in-between the regular play speed and the next fastest speed–one slow enough where I could actually hear and understand people’s words, but not so slow that it’s regular time.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Alicia,
      Try pressing Shift + J or L until you can hear playback at more speeds. You may have to press a number of times to get it working. If you’d like better shuttling, please make a feature request:


  22. mike says:

    worst move ever…. wow what a bad move. and to not even be able to make it an option you know what i use the scrub for mostly? SOUNDS there is no easier way to match a muzzle flash with a gunshot then slowing it down and listening for the start of the boom. seriously what were you thinking.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Mike,
      I can line up sounds perfectly with J-K-L, and I have never needed jog/shuttle wheel. Sorry you are having a hard time with that. You might look into getting a third party hardware jog/shuttle device if you are really missing it.


  23. Wylie says:

    shift-L for super slow is nice but something-L would be nice for hi-speed FF …. or more upticks as you keep pressing L – why stop @ 4 ….

    digital camera trigger always on mentality these daze has made for immense volumes of footie to view … extra-FF speeds would make life most excellent …

    enjoying jump from FCP TO PREPRO overall !!!!

  24. Jana Connell says:

    I really miss and need the zoom slider at the lower left corner. What are some keyboard shortcuts for that? I have to agree with everyone out there that these changes are really bad moves. I not only use that zoom constantly but we are a lab at a college and now I have to try and SHOW students how to zoom into their projects WITHOUT a ZOOM? How am I supposed to do that?
    Please make an add in to put back the ZOOM SLIDER!!!

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Jana,
      Sorry you are experiencing frustration. I use the + and – keys to zoom in and out of the Timeline. Keyboard shortcuts are a lot faster than dragging a slider. Try it!