Free video tutorial samples from “Learning Premiere Pro CS6”

I just reviewed several of the new Premiere Pro CS6 sample video tutorials from Jeff Sengstack and Infinite Skills, and they’re quite good. Entitled, “Learning Premiere Pro CS6,” this series is one of the most in depth training series on Premiere Pro CS6 to date. Over 22 hours of training and 111 lessons are available. Jeff has in depth knowledge about Premiere Pro and his delivery is enjoyable to follow along with. There are 22 free video tutorials from the series available on this page on the Infinite Skills web site, so be sure to check them out.


The following subjects are covered in the free tutorials. I’ve added links to corresponding Help topics:

Here are the topics that are covered, and the corresponding topics in Help:

6 Responses to Free video tutorial samples from “Learning Premiere Pro CS6”

  1. Len says:

    This is a great list, but impossible to find on the Adobe site. I got it through a link on the forums.

  2. Len says:

    Expanding on my comment, this type of excellent information should be available under a “help”, “learning”, or “tutorial” sort of heading, rather than in a blog.

  3. Christopher Pitts says:

    I need help with compositing multiple takes of the same actor playing different parts on a stage. I need for him to be able to move in front, if only partially, of other versions of him. What do you suggest is the best way to alpha channel this? Are there mattes that can trace frames? Is there a better way? Should I use green screens for foreground performances?

  4. Paul Haines says:

    I’ve been using FCP for years. Having recently bought CS6 I’m finding it really hard to make the transition to Premier Pro. I’m sure it does everything I need but it’s illogical and not user friendly. This is not helped by the fact there seems to be no searchable user guide in a .pdf format.

    Does anyone know of a written user guide that is not a series of links to irrelevant clips that seem to be designed for novice film makers.

  5. kmonahan says:

    Hi Paul,
    Here’s a link to the Premiere Pro Help PDF. Open it in Acrobat or Preview to use the search box.