Video Production with Creative Suite 6 by Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago presents a new video tutorial series by video2brain entitled, “Video Production with Creative Suite 6.” In this series, Maxim shows the methods for video post-production by using a number of applications in Creative Suite CS6. More importantly, he shows how the applications interoperate for a smoother workflow.

Although one of the most powerful features of Creative Suite has always been integration, the best way to share work between applications is not really known by most users. In this video tutorial series, Maxim Jago shows you the steps to use the best applications for the task at hand, and then how to integrate that work into other applications for further refinement, or output. If you want to be able to use Adobe Creative Suite CS6 to its ultimate for video post-production, this series can be a great help.

See this page on the video2brain website for full details.

Free Video Tutorials
Introduction to Multi-Application Post-Production
Improving Speech-to-Text Analysis
Preparing Images for Video in Photoshop
Sending Work from Premiere Pro to After Effects
Other topics in the series Related topic in community content or Help
Introduction: An Overview of Dynamic Link and Round-Tripping Adobe Dynamic Link (CS6)
Dynamic Link vs. Round-Tripping About Dynamic Link
One-Way Trips and the Edit Original Command Edit a clip in its original application 
Using Breakdown Report Producing Breakdown Reports for Production and Post
Organizing Projects with Prelude The Prelude workspace
Sharing Prelude Rough Cuts with Premiere Pro Rough cuts
Browsing in Bridge View and manage files in Adobe Bridge 
Batch Renaming with Bridge Automate tasks in Adobe Bridge
Editing Metadata with Bridge Label and rate files 
Preparing Images for Video in Illustrator Preparing and importing Illustrator files
Using Illustrator Files in After Effects Continuously rasterize a layer containing vector graphics
Using Illustrator Files with the Premiere Pro Title Tool Add images to titles
Working with Photoshop Files in After Effects Working with Photoshop and After Effects 
Working with Photoshop Files in Premiere Pro Working with Photoshop and Premiere Pro 
Creating Audio for Video with Audition Working with video applications 
Sending Work from Premiere Pro to Audition Edit audio clips from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects
Round-Tripping a Soundtrack from Premiere Pro to Audition Edit audio in Adobe Audition
Preparing Content for Premiere Pro in After Effects Working with Premiere Pro and After Effects 
Preparing Content for After Effects in Premiere Pro Create and link to After Effects compositions with Dynamic Link 
Sending Work from After Effects to Premiere Pro Import an Adobe Premiere Pro project 
Outputting Pre-Graded Shots for the Edit from SpeedGrade Offline editing and grading workflow
Sending Work from Premiere Pro to SpeedGrade Send a sequence to Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 
Share Sequences Between Premiere Pro and Encore with Dynamic Link Adobe Dynamic Link
Sending Work from Premiere Pro to the Media Encoder Workflow and overview for exporting 
Using the Media Encoder to Output from After Effects Add and manage items in the encoding queue 

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One Response to Video Production with Creative Suite 6 by Maxim Jago

  1. Joe LaMarr says:

    Can not wait to get my hands on this! Just what I need – thanks for putting it up here Kevin!