Support for growing files in Premiere Pro CS6

Premiere Pro CS6 provides tools for editors working in diverse fields. For example, there are editors that need to handle video files that continuously grow in duration. Growing files are generated at live events, sports, broadcast, and others. These video files are referred to as “growing files.” Premiere Pro CS6 supports growing files for those needing that workflow.

Supported codecs for growing files include:

  • AVCI50/100
  • IMX30/40/50
  • RDD9-compliant XDCAM HD 50/35/25/18
  • QuickTime wrapped reference files in these formats are supported in Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2), and later

Support for growing files to automatically refresh, and how often they should refresh, is available in Media Preferences. The updated duration can be viewed in the Source Monitor. See Media Preferences for details.

Ingesting or capturing media for growing files can only take place if Premiere Pro can read the volume (Premiere Pro can read footage from a unc path (“//somewhere/something”), but the drive must be mapped (“H:\somewhere\something”). The file can then be imported using the File > Import command.  You can then edit with these clips as you normally would any other clip.

Note: growing files cannot be ingested through the Media Browser.

For growing files support for all current formats, update to Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2).

2 Responses to Support for growing files in Premiere Pro CS6

  1. Suzy PLACET says:

    Dear Mr. Monahan,
    Please could you tell me which format is best to select from the ones available in CS6 when beginning a project using M2Ts footage from a Sony AVCHD Handycam HDR XR550. I have recently changed from CS5 and whatever I select I get a message saying it is the wrong one format. I can get by by clicking on the OK button when asked to change to another format automatically but I wold like to know which, out of all the initial choices, is the correct one to use from the beginning and why.
    Thank you very much in advance
    Suzy Placet

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Suzy,
      What I do for any footage is right click on it in the Project panel. Then, I select “New Clip from Sequence.” This ensures that your clip and sequence settings will match for optimal performance.

      More questions? Come to the Premiere Pro forum: