Computer shuts down while using GPU intensive applications

CircuitsWhile working in certain applications which use the GPU for processing data, do you have trouble with your computer shutting down? No errors, no freezes, just shutting down? We have been seeing a few cases in support where customers are complaining about this. In doing some troubleshooting, we have found that it’s sometimes due to hardware issues related to internal hardware components.

Does your computer shut down right away, or soon after you started working? It is likely that you don’t have a large enough power supply unit (PSU) to handle the power consumption of the GPU. In fact, the GPU is definitely a resource hog when comparing it to other hardware components. With the literature that comes with each GPU is its power consumption. Make sure you take into account the added power your system will require when adding a new GPU. In many cases, you will need a newer, more powerful power supply. For more info, see this link:

If your computer shuts down after working with your applications after awhile, it might be due to inadequate cooling within the computer, exceeding the operating temperature limits. If the system gets too hot, heat emitting components like the CPU, hard drives, GPU, etc., might cause your computer to shut down. When adding a new hardware to your computer system, keep in mind the waste heat the components will emit. If this is the case, look into ways to cool the internal components of your computer down. See this article for an explanation:

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  1. Pablo says:

    Thanks for the info kevin, it’s really useful because I have a little problem and finally I know why.