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NAB 2013 Adobe Karl Soule Interview

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Trish & Chris Meyer on the Warp Stabilizer & 3D Camera Tracker in After Effects Next

Also, see the course by Trish and Chris Meyer, After Effects Technology Preview, on

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DNxHD preview files in Premiere Pro Next

Here is what the Sequence Settings dialog shows when you create a DNxHD sequence:

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.08.11 PM

This should definitely improve workflow for those folks using DNxHD media.

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Check out new videos from Adobe at NAB 2013

Here are some highlights:

More here!

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New role at Adobe: Social Support Lead for DV products

HelpHi everyone. I have not posted for awhile as I have been transitioning to a new role: Social Support Lead for DVA products here at Adobe.

That means I’ll no longer be doing the tech writing for DV products, however, you will still see me on the forums and social media sites helping people with their problems. Since there is no more tech writing for me to do, it will allow me to focus on the issues you may encounter. Look for me on the Adobe forums:

Premiere Pro
Adobe Media Encoder
After Effects

You can also find me in third party forums, as well. Let me know if you need help!Share on Facebook

Reducing flicker in Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, and CS6

This video by Andrew Devis on the Creative Cow website should also shed some light
on the Anti-flicker fiter.

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Changing Track Height with a keyboard shortcut in Premiere Pro CS6

Keep in mind, your tracks must be expanded for these new keyboard shortcuts to work.

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Slipping and Sliding in Trim mode in Premiere Pro CS6

slip-slideIn preparing a demo for the SF Cutters digital editing user’s group, I remembered a way to slip and slide clips in Trim mode.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Set up edit point selection with the Ripple tool:
    • Slip: Select and Shift select edit points so that they are facing inwards from the clip (see left)
    • Slide:  Select the edit points so that they are facing outwards from the clip.
  2. Place the Playhead on the beginning or end of the clip, depending on which side of the edit you want to monitor.
  3. Launch Trim mode by pressing T.
  4. Use the JKL keys to slip or slide the frames.
  5. Press the Space Bar to preview the edit.
  6. If necessary, repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are satisfied with the edit.

This technique is also described on this video by beginning at 3:45. Keep in mind, as the video shows, you can also use Timeline trimming shortcuts to slip and slide edit points, as well. The technique of controlling multiple edit points is also shown.

Let me know if you find this technique useful.

You can read more about the topic on this page in Help: Slip and Slide edits in trim mode.Share on Facebook

Max out your video skills at Adobe MAX!

MAXThis year, Adobe MAX is going to be awesome! I just heard that there will be a huge emphasis on pro video this year. Held May 4-8, MAX will also offer some great video instructors to help you learn pro video applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects. Take classes from Richard Harrington, Chris and Trish Meyer, Abba Shapiro, Christine Steele, and more. There are going to be some great keynote speakers too.

Here’s more info from the MAX website:

It’s a competitive world out there, and video pros need tools that won’t get in the way of their creativity. Based on Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, sessions in the Video track will show you how to work smarter and faster to bring your high quality productions to any screen. From pre-production through post, sessions include hands-on labs, advice from expert panels, and inspirational work by creative leaders in the industry.

 What you’ll learn:

  • The full range of tools and features that will benefit your production workflow
  • How to be a better editor using powerful trimming tools and other creative advancements in Adobe Premiere® Pro
  • A faster, more productive workflow with compositing and 3D enhancements in Adobe After Effects®
  • How to use production tools like Adobe Audition® for sound, Adobe Prelude™ for ingest and logging, Adobe SpeedGrade™ for color grading, and Adobe Story Plus for screenwriting

Intended for:

  • Post-production professionals: Filmmakers, editors, motion graphics artists, visual effects artists, multimedia professionals, videographers
  • Broadcast professionals: Those working in businesses that deliver content over networks where ad revenue is their primary revenue source
  • Educators: Those who teach media skills such as broadcast journalism or film

Pre-conference Training:

Prior to the conference, you can further max out your video post-production skills in pre-conference training sessions. A number of the tracks look interesting for pro video users. Here’s a sample:
  • Create content across screens and devices
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for experienced editors
  • Shooting and editing footage from DSLR cameras

For details about the pre-conference training, see this link:

MAX Agenda:
More info and registration for MAX here:

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Premiere Pro CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS with iKeysToGo

Now that tablet computers are here to stay, creative professionals are using them to assist with training materials, workflow guides, and keyboard shortcut lists.  I work with my tablet open to  helpful resources while working with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

iKeys To Go for Premiere Pro is a new app available on iOS which displays keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro CS6. Diana Weynand (author of many books on video editing) and Shirley Craig of Revuptransmedia are the ones behind iKeys to go. I’m really glad they have created an app for Premiere Pro users, as we do have a great many new people coming to the application from Final Cut Pro 7 and the Creative Cloud.

Features include:

  • A list of every Premiere CS6 command, keyboard shortcut, and definition
  • Organized alphabetically, and as Menus and Groups
  • Complete search capability of all Premiere commands
  • Definitions of every keyboard shortcut provides a quick learning tool
  • Create your own favorites list of commands and shortcuts for quick reference
  • Instructions on how to create new shortcut keys for any of the not unassigned shortcuts

They plan to create more iKeys apps for other apps for creative pros, so stay tuned.Share on Facebook