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Apple iTunes integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

These days, more and more stock music providers deliver royalty free music via iTunes. In other NLEs, you’ll typically have to dig around in your iTunes music folder to find the file, convert the mp3 file, move it to a directory with the rest of your media, and finally import the music file into your project. I’ve always found this a rather painful process. How about you?

In Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, this process has been greatly streamlined. Let’s see how it’s done. To import iTunes music files, do the following:

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.
  2. Launch Apple iTunes – the iTunes interface will now be in the foreground.
  3. In iTunes, locate the music file you wish to import into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.
  4. Drag and drop the music file into the project panel. You can drag it directly into a bin, if desired.
  5. The music file will now be available to use in your project.

Though it isn’t a major feature of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, this is a really cool way to get your royalty-free music from iTunes into Premiere Pro with ease.Share on Facebook

Which is faster? Adobe Media Encoder vs. Apple Compressor

I’ve already written a blog about switcher Chris Fenwick’s journey into learning about Premiere Pro. This time, he’s done a shoot out between Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor. Guess who wins?

I agree with him in that Compressor has always given me a less than satisfactory user experience but I didn’t know that I’ve been wasting so much time with the app over the years. Chris shows that encoding using Media Encoder is about 50% faster than Compressor.

Have a look at Chris’ screencast and see what you think.Share on Facebook