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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials from Andrew Devis

The Creative Cow has always been one of my favorite portals for information about digital video. It’s really a great pro community you should definitely check out. Over at “the Cow” there is thing that is never in short supply, tutorials! There are loads of them for Premiere Pro, so be sure to check out the entire catalog here.

Recently, a bunch of new tutorials for Premiere Pro CS5 has cropped up. Authored by Andrew Devis, these are valuable nuggets of information sure to get you to the next level of expertise. Thank you Andrew!

Here are the links to get you started.

Premiere Pro Starting Splash Screens
Using and Creating Title Templates in Premiere Pro
Title Style Shortcuts in Premiere Pro
Spicing Up Your Titles in Premiere Pro
Rolling Titles in Premiere Pro
Audio Editing Basics for Premiere Pro and Soundbooth
Balancing Audio Levels for Multiple Clips in Premiere Pro
Pan and Zoom and Corner Pin Effects in Premiere Pro
Links to all of Andrew Devis’ Tutorials

Note: I am appending this post because Andrew Devis has cranked out even more tutorials in the past few days. Check out these links:

Sync Lock and Target Tracks
Unlinking Audio and Video for J and L Cuts
Using Markers to Pace Your Editing
Understanding the ‘Source Panel’ Tools