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Creating a reflective floor using After Effects

A common task in After Effects is to create a reflective floor in After Effects. Rob Garrott shows you how to create one with this video tutorial from This is part of a series called, “Design in Motion.” Check it out!

Other videos in the series:
Creating motion blur in After Effects
Depth of field in C4D and After Effects
Glowing “sci-fi” text in C4D and After Effects

Design in Motion is a series of creative techniques featuring short projects using After Effects and CINEMA 4D. Taught by motion graphics expert Rob Garrott, the course covers how color correction, expressions, rendering type, lighting, and animation are used in each program, and the topics are updated weekly. Using these tips and tricks, motion graphics designers will find designing to be a more efficient process.

Free After Effects CS5.5 Tutorials from

Recently, After Effects CS5.5 was released with a bunch of new features you’ll want to know more about. has commissioned After Effects whiz Mark Christiansen to create helpful tutorials describing these features. Here, you’ll find two free sample movies that will help you learn about the Warp Stabilizer and creating lens blur with the After Effects camera. The course delves into most of the main features of After Effects CS5.5 including Light Falloff, Stereoscopic 3D, and workflow improvements.

In this blog, I’ve provided links to the videos and some related links below each one.


Performing a basic stabilization with the Warp Stabilizer
Help: Stabilize Motion (CS5.5)
Adobe TV: Warp Stabilizer Instant Gratification

Creating lens blur with the After Effects camera
Help: Camera Settings
Adobe TV: 3D Camera Depth of Field Parameters

Thanks to Mark and for creating the tutorials. Here is a link to all the tutorials and the courseware: After Effects CS5.5 New Features. Enjoy!

Free After Effects CS5 Tutorials from

Ian Robinson

Recently, the venerable tutorial site,, released several free tutorials for creating motion graphics with After Effects CS5. Presented by Ian Robinson, these high quality tutorials should help you learn about such subjects including workflow, using animators with type, and creating storyboards. In this blog, I’ve embedded the videos and provided some related links below each one.

Welcome Video

Workflow for creating motion graphics
Help: Planning your work

Converting type from Photoshop
Help: Convert text from Photoshop to editable text

Using Animators with Type
Help: Examples and resources for text animation
Help: Text animation presets

Creating storyboards in After Effects
Adobe TV: Making Storyboards

Applying the final effects
Help: Keyframe Interpolation
Help: Add randomness to a property with the Wiggler

Thanks to Ian and for creating the tutorials. Don’t forget to check ’em out. Here is a link to all the tutorials and the courseware: After Effects CS5: Creating Motion Graphics. Enjoy!