"Fotomation" with Speaking Pictures

Those of you who follow the film festival scene might already be familiar with this excellent science fiction short film from Speaking Pictures. Filmmaker Jerome Oliver wrote and directed Missing Pages, the story of a professor who invents a time machine and touches off a war. The 24-minute "amended" version of Missing Pages is now available via Speaking Pictures or iTunes.

What makes this piece particularly unique and visually stunning is that the story is created entirely with 40,000 pictures from a digital camera. The still images were processed and animated using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop using a technique the director calls "fotomation". To get a glimpse of the creative process behind Missing Pages, check out Toolfarm’s interview with Jerome Oliver last year.

Despite being based in still photography, Missing Pages makes you think about about motion and dynamics and it raises questions about the classic persistence of motion film theory. It’s definitely somewhere between photography, motion graphics, graphic novel, and filmmaking.

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