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One of the best parts of being on the After Effects team is how much interaction we have with our customers. We visit many of you just hear what you have to say about After Effects and the projects you are working on. While this is informative and a lot of fun, eventually we have to head home and get to work!

Since we can’t speak with every one of you personally, we’re also conducting a survey about After Effects usage. You are invited to take a few minutes of your time to tell us a few things about yourself, your projects, and your workflow. You’ll also get a chance to indicate which potential features are most important to you. We often use surveys like this to guide future development efforts.

Please go to the URL below to get started. It will probably take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. It is hosted at

We know you probably have a million things to do, but if you can take some to have a little influence on the After Effects team, we’d certainly appreciate it.

The information we gather is just for Adobe’s use and we promise not to do anything annoying with your survey responses. All data will be kept confidential. No information about you will be sold or furnished to any other company whatsoever, nor will you receive unsolicited e-mails because of your participation in this survey.

You may see another survey invitation from me on other forums or e-mail lists. It’s the same survey and there’s no need to do the survey again.

On behalf of the entire After Effects team, thanks!

3 Responses to Tell us what you think!

  1. Craig Umanoff says:

    I’m amazed and dismayed to find that AE v.7 cannot do the simplest thing: import from Illustrator a simple line drawn with 3 or 4 control points, and then animate those control points. The “workaround” in AE — stroking a simple mask, drawn with 3 or 4 animatable control points — cannot produce a line with a square end. Please say it ain’t

  2. Michael Coleman says:

    Thanks CU — I have some good news for you. I’d encourage you to take a look at After Effects CS3.We didn’t add the ability to access individual points in Illustrator art, but one of the big new features is shape layers. You can still use the drawing tools to create masks like in previous versions, but the days of using the stroke and shape effects to create shapes in After Effects are gone.We’ve even added a few new shape tools. And yes, you can animate points individually. After Effects now has all the shape and line properties you expect (multiple strokes, gradient fills, round cap, butt cap, mitre join, round join, miter angle). Oh, and you you can copy and paste illustrator paths to proper shapes in After Effects CS3. Hope this helps.For more info check out the Adobe Design Center’s Video Workshop. There’s a demo called About Shape Layers that you would be interested in.

  3. Brad Bartkkus says:

    I just got a chance to load the upgrade to After Effects so I’m running AE CS3 version 8.0.One of the major reasons I wanted it is because I was under the impression it would take 3d files (Not flat frames rendered from 3d files), specifically files from Photoshop Extended which have 3d models in them (Or import them from Google like Photoshop Extended can.). Much to my dissapointment you can’t actually bring in the 3d models like you can in Photoshop Extended, to say fly around an object with a camera or rotate a model of a space station around a planet. What was Adobe thinking? AE already has xyz coordinates. Why wouldn’t they create it to handle 3d models like Photoshop can? It makes no sense whatsoever to only handle 2d objects in 3d space. It can’t even extrude text in 3d space yet!? We shouldn’t have to purchase another plug-in or program, like Zaxwerks to do this type of stuff.

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