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Creating Interactive Video with After Effects and Flash

Thanks to all the people who attended my presentations at Max earlier this week! For those of you who weren’t there, the project that I presented demonstrates how to combine After Effects and Flash techniques to create a graphically rich video user experience with a dynamically animating heads up display. The final output is a SWF file suitable for a web site.

One of the unique aspects of this example is that the location of the HUD is being dynamically driven by event cue points in the FLV video. The cue point metadata is generated using the motion tracker in After Effects and embedded into the FLV output via the After Effects render queue.

You can watch a recorded version of the presentation to see how the project is built. It’s a very thorough demonstration — about a 40 minutes — so grab a cup of coffee, a comfy chair, and enjoy the show. It’s almost as good as being at Max, except you don’t get to hear any of my corny presenter jokes. 🙂

You can also download my source files and step-by-step directions to try it out for yourself. (By the way, these two links introduce some new toys that will require the latest Flash player. I’m sharing the video via the Adobe Acrobat Connect which is a great way to collaborate with others online. I posted the files to a new service offered by Adobe called Share. Share was also announced at Max, and allows you to easily share, publish and organize your documents. This is the first time I used the Share beta and it was a piece of cake and incredibly convenient.)


[Update 1/4/2010 — Fixed broken link to the archive of the source files. Downloads should be working again.]