Coming Soon: Panasonic P2 support in After Effects

One of the most exciting changes in the video production world today is the trend toward tapeless workflows. With it’s P2 line of cameras, decks and media, Panasonic is certainly a leader in this area. Adobe Premiere Pro is already supporting Panasonic P2 file-based video clips.

Soon you’ll be able to import P2 files into Adobe After Effects CS3 as well. No transcoding, no wrapping. No muss, no fuss. Keep an eye out for this addition in an update to After Effects coming in the next few weeks. In the mean time, be sure to head over to DAV’s TechTable for a great demonstration of After Effects directly working with P2 MXF files. As a bonus, he’s also showing the excellent Dynamic Link between After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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  1. Matt Hopkins says:

    This is great news! I recently shot a music video using a Panasonic HVX200 and was dumping footage directly into Final Cut. However, most of it was going to After Effects before going back to Final Cut, so there was an extra step there. This feature will be nice.On another off topic note; I recently attended Best in the SW conference with a bunch of my Ex’pression College classmates, where you spoke about AE on the first day. I really enjoyed your presentation and wanted to ask you more about an artistic piece you showed at the start of your talk. I can’t remember the artists name who created it, but it was a beautiful colorful feathery piece that you said was created entirely with AE Expressions. I’m delving deeper and deeper into that world, especially for artistic purposes and would love to get more info on that piece. Can I find it online anywhere? Does the artist have more info available anywhere? Sorry to post this question here, but I couldn’t seem to find your email address online and I missed having the chance to speak with you directly at the conference. Any info would be greatly appreciated!Thx!

  2. You’re thinking of the piece from Manny Tan. You can find it in the Design Center Gallery.

  3. Matt Hopkins says:

    Ah yes! Thanks Michael.

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