After Effects 8.0.2 is now available

The After Effects 8.0.2 update is ready to go! Among other fixes, this
update allows you to natively import and edit content from Panasonic P2 equipment, without transcoding or rewrapping.
Check out our LiveDocs for detailed information about P2. 8.0.2 also adds support for running After Effects on Mac OS Leopard.

To get the update, within After Effects, go to the Help menu and choose “Updates”.

This update is inclusive of previous updates, so if you’re currently using After Effects 8.0, you can go directly to 8.0.2 and skip the 8.0.1 update.

For complete information, read the After Effects 8.0.2 TechNote. We have also posted additional information about how 8.0.2 can help those experiencing certain gamma issues. Lastly, if you use custom interpretation rules, you’ll find some important information on our support site.

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