After Effects CS4 Announced Today!

It’s official! CS4 is announced today!

The Adobe website has been updated with all the info about the release. I’ll have more to say here shortly, but I wanted to make a quick post to point you all towards the After Effects CS4 info. A new After Effects is very exciting by itself, but be sure to also check out the whole Production Premium suite — there’s some unbelievably cool features throughout the suite that will save you time and expand your creative possibilites! More to come later…

3 Responses to After Effects CS4 Announced Today!

  1. Gina Brown says:

    any new roto tools from the product you guys bought years ago (or from anywhere else for that matter)?[Unfortunately, the roto software of which you speak did not offer significant quality gains to replace After Effects’ built-in masking. So we put it aside and started some research to leapfrog what’s possible with the technology already on the market today. If all goes well, this will come to future versions of Adobe products.]

  2. jimmy cressant says: the 3D idea sounds great, it has some pretty severe limitations – no textures, no lights, no shadows. Why another limited implementation when you could have worked on getting all effects to 32 bit, nodes and rotoscoping? If you want 3D in AE buy invigorator pro and integrate it into AE.[ We’re not expecting that support for Photoshop 3D layers will replace the need for full 3D objects in AE. Think of it as a way to maintain the full fidelity of your Photoshop files in After Effects. When we do 3D in full, we’ll do it to the level you’d expect, with lights, shadows, etc. Nodes, and rotoscoping features are of course, a whole other ball of wax. — Michael ]

  3. john says:

    IK as in flash going to make a rapid appearance in cs4???[Since CS4 is already shipping, I’d say not likely. 🙂 At this point, it’s something we might consider for a future release. –M ]

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