Dear After Effects…answered

Some call it gripes, but we on the After Effects team prefer the term ‘feedback’.

That’s what’s going on over at A gripe is just something that goes into thin air, unheard by the real target of the criticism. But we’re listening, even when we’re too busy to pick up the phone and call.

I downloaded the top 25 After Effects gripes and the considerate folks at have published my response to each one. Many suggestions were already in the shipping version of After Effects, or soon to be addressed in After Effects CS4. Of course, there were also some great feature requests in there. You have to know we want to do these as much as you need them. You can check out the official After Effects comments on their blog.

Of course, the more direct route for your feedback would be to comment here, or simply use the Adobe feature request and bug submission form. This form goes directly to After Effects team members, so don’t worry about your feedback going into thin air, and don’t let those good ideas and questions turn into gripes!