Dear After Effects…answered

Some call it gripes, but we on the After Effects team prefer the term ‘feedback’.

That’s what’s going on over at A gripe is just something that goes into thin air, unheard by the real target of the criticism. But we’re listening, even when we’re too busy to pick up the phone and call.

I downloaded the top 25 After Effects gripes and the considerate folks at have published my response to each one. Many suggestions were already in the shipping version of After Effects, or soon to be addressed in After Effects CS4. Of course, there were also some great feature requests in there. You have to know we want to do these as much as you need them. You can check out the official After Effects comments on their blog.

Of course, the more direct route for your feedback would be to comment here, or simply use the Adobe feature request and bug submission form. This form goes directly to After Effects team members, so don’t worry about your feedback going into thin air, and don’t let those good ideas and questions turn into gripes!

11 Responses to Dear After Effects…answered

  1. Tom Hauville says:

    This is not a gripe as such, but as a suggestion, the ability to put a wiggle expression on the mask shape of any given mask would be wonderful!I’m sure something more will occur to me as I use AE more, but that’s the most recent one I encountered 🙂[Indeed. Good suggestion. — Michael]

  2. Dragos Stefan says:

    Strange that from the 25 gripes you chose to answer, two of them are simple “I love After Effects” statements.And at least one answer is false (#7): I’m sure you know very well that the pasting of text is seriously buggy, as is the AE clipboard in general, even when you need to work with Adobe products.What I like about all those answers it the perceived blindness of all Adobe people to the most present complaint of them all: your organized theft of people in Europe. Everybody complains about that, on every forum, on Dear Adobe and on the comments of each Adobe blogger (for example, John Nack). Yet at the same time, all the people from Adobe behave like those questions are not even there.I wonder when, among all those nice blogs of Adobe engineers, we’re gonna see a blog of someone from sales who is actually responsible for pricing decisions and has the courage to face the public.[Wow. I answer dearadobe earnestly and I get taken to task for it. Where’s the love, people?For the rest of my readers, I can only say I didn’t create the top 25, they came directly from the web site. No conspiracy or filtering on my part.My answer to #7 is not false for the vast majority of customers. If you are having issues with copy/paste, please help us help you by reporting any bugs that you’re experiencing via the feedback form mentioned in the original post.Pricing decisions rest higher up the food chain than me, but for CS4, there are some nice adjustments to international pricing relative to the US. For example, full retail pricing in Euros is lower for certain products like Production Premium. Upgrade pricing is 8-25% lower if you are moving from CS3 to CS4. Upgrading from a certain standalone products to a suite can be as much as $400 Euros less in CS4. — M]

  3. Ted Moore says:

    i have 2 suggestions for After Effects actually 3 because i just though of another one, is it possible to open 2 after effects projects at one time. Importing the project takes to much time and the search parameter doesn’t solve my problems. Swatches have you heard of that why can’t i import swatches that would be so great. oh yeah and OMF export from pro tools or vice versa.[Good ideas. — M]

  4. Jill von Brown says:

    Wow! A new day. I love this open, respond to feedback Adobe over the way apple treats their users. Yes, it does make you a little more vulnerable and brings out the loonies every now and then (although Jonn Nack seems to attract them so you are probably okay!) Please keep it this way – or go even further and as you add features, improvmrnts etc post it to your adobe labs for users to try and give feedback on.[Thanks, Jill!]

  5. Thomas Berglund says:

    Is there an option in CS4, for turning OFF the “Render Complete” sound? If not, please consider it a feature request 🙂[There’s not an official way to do this, but if you Google “replace AE render sound”, you will find some instructions. It’s easy on windows but the mac requires some significant hacking. In any case, yes, we will take it as a feature request.]

  6. The fact that Adobe included Mocha AE is a great addition to the release.

  7. Eric says:

    My only gripe… feedback on AE is that I wish CS3 handled Sony XDCAM footage without dropping frames. Premiere CS3 handles the footage perfectly, but I have to render it from Premiere to uncompressed MOV to use it in AE… a 32 MB m4v file from my camera ends up being a 10GB MOV file.I did submit a bug report on this for CS3. I won’t be able to upgrade for a while.Thanks for the blog!

  8. Eric says:

    Oh… and another thing… 64-bit! I run out of memory all the time and have to reduce quality just to render.:([Thanks, Eric. This is high on our priority list as well. — M]

  9. sswan says:

    I have a character created in AI that I want to animate in AE. If I save it out as an AI CS4 file and import it into AE it comes in fine but I have no access to the AI keyframes (so that when the character walks I can’t make subtle changes to the way the pants move for example.) If I select just the pants in AI and copy them into a layer in AE I get the keyframes but it is essentially recreating the character again. Is there a work around in AI / AE 4?Thanks[I’m afraid not. No changes to Illustrator import/copy & paste in CS4. — M]

  10. sswan says:

    Thanks for the fast response. May I submit it as a future feature request?ThanksConsider it submitted. –M

  11. Craig Nestle says:

    I would love the full curves features in PS to be moved over to AE (so that I can easily remove color casts from footage, set sample points etc.) And a way to make the curves preview realtime as I am setting it and if PS levels have any additional features, have those moved to AE as well.Thank You for the blog! [Check out my posting today (1/6/2009) for some recent developments in the world of curve-based color correction. -M]

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