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Adobe Crash Reporter Privacy

As some of you have probably noticed, we have integrated some new Adobe technology into After Effects CS4: the Adobe Crash Reporter.

Paul Uusitalo describes the details in a guest appearance on Todd Kopriva’s Region of interest blog.

I received a question about customer privacy when using the Adobe Crash Reporter. Adobe is not monitoring your activity. After Effects detects the crash and we don’t know anything about it until you send the report to Adobe. The report originates on your computer. If you choose to submit a report (and we very much appreciate if you would) only non-personally-identifiable information is sent to Adobe. This includes information such as which part of the software encountered an issue.

Adding more information, such as what you were doing when the error occurred, is very helpful in diagnosing the problem. If you choose to provide your contact info such as your e-mail address, it will only be used in case we want to contact you about your crash. It will not be used for marketing purposes. You can send the report anonymously if you wish.

The reports are often submitted with a colorful expletive or two. 🙂 While this is understandable and we take no offense, just remember that if you are inspired to express your frustration, throw in some details about what you were doing at the time of the error.

These reports go directly to your friends on the After Effects team and it’s a tremendous resource for you to help us improve the product. It’s my hope that you’ll take advantage of it.

Frischluft Fresh Curves

Good news for people who like to color correct with curves: The folks at Frischluft have released a new After Effects plug-in called Fresh Curves. It has a great user interface and adds controls such as additional channels, histogram view, bezier curve drawing. Graphs are scalable and drawn in color — a nice upgrade from the standard, small black and white curves editor. The two plug-in package includes a separate plug-in for “relative curves” which makes it easy to accomplish tasks like increasing saturation for a particular hue. So making your washed out sky look more interesting is now just a few clicks away.