New After Effects customer survey

I just posted a web survey about After Effects usage so now is a great time to tell us what you think!

Please take a few minutes to tell us a few things about yourself, your projects, and your workflow. You’ll also get a chance to indicate which potential features are most important to you. Surveys like this to are a great way for you to direct our efforts.

Please go to the URL below to get started. It will probably take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. It is hosted at

We know you probably have a million things to do, but if you can take some to have a little influence on the After Effects team, we’d certainly appreciate it.

The information we gather is just for Adobe’s use and we promise not to do anything annoying with your survey responses. All data will be kept confidential. No information about you will be sold or furnished to any other company whatsoever, nor will you receive any unsolicited e-mails because of your participation in this survey.

On behalf of the entire After Effects team, thanks!

3 Responses to New After Effects customer survey

  1. Navarro Parker says:

    These are always fun! Thanks for listening!

  2. Tom Womack says:,great video for expressionsI design web sites for small business and introduced myself to AE last year. little by little I’m taken in with * everything * , upgraded to Master Collection CS4 last Fall …But I’m still very new to AE and besides fascination with nature, photography ( w a little Math and Music sprinkled on top) have a long way to go.your video found in one of Todd Kopriva’s comments ( ?? i think so ), at Adobe sitehas been very helpful on some of the basics – expressions and all the possibilities – but – yikes !! it’s 40 minutes long – doesn’t appear to have any way to back up a bit without completely starting over -it’s the perfect kind of video to ‘play along’ – create the same compositions at same time, play with the graph, see how you can manipulate formula by moving frames/objects in the graph displaysure would be nice if this was available as download or zip.besides the presets, I don’t know of library or ‘how to’ for expressions besides Forum sites, and Adobe’s documentation.thanks ![ You’re welcome. We don’t have a download, so the only way to watch is online. It seems it was cut a bit short, though. I’m trying to have the full :50 minute version restored. Check back later… –M]

  3. Thomas says:

    Great, great!Hopefully the 50 minute version is somehow able to be restored.Keep the good things up!Thank you.

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