Dynamic Advertising with After Effects, Flash & Mocha

I was in New York last week for the Promax|BDA conference, where I delivered a couple presentations about After Effects and Production Premium CS4. A couple people have inquired about seeing a recording of the presentations. I don’t think there were any recordings of my sessions, but one of them was quite similar to a presentation I have at the 2008 Adobe MAX conference last fall.

The point of the session was to show how you can use Adobe software to create a new kind of video experience where the advertisements or user generated content can be deeply integrated into the video. Instead of rendering the ads into the video, they remain fully dynamic and replaceable at runtime, when the end viewer is watching. The workflow spans several products: After Effects, Flash professional and Mocha for After Effects, which is included with After Effects CS4. It’s also a good illustration of how metadata workflows can literally change what’s possible in content creation.If you’d like to see the recording, you can check it out on Adobe TV:After Effects & Flash Dream team (Mocha, After Effects & Flash)Enjoy!