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Anyone who has an iPhone has to be amazed at the variety of tip calculators and social networking apps to choose from. Among the more than 60,000 apps on the store, there’s been very few apps for those of us interested in the process of storytelling with video and film. It’s ironic, since the device is essentially a miniature version of a laptop with a camera pointing the right direction.

Entrepreneur Jonathan Houser from Cinemek took a look at his little mobile computer with camera and invented something quite cool.

It’s called Hitchcock and it’s a mobile storyboarding composer. I had lunch with Jonathan the other day and he gave me a sneak peek at how it works.Hitchcock lets you gather snapshots with the camera, sequence them, add camera moves, actors, notes and simple stage directions. When you’ve composed a sequence you can play back an animatic right in Hitchcock. And when you’re done you can email yourself a PDF to print the storyboard. Very simple and very useful.The transcendent part is that you just feel creative using it. You get away from your desk, away from your computer, out on the street. Just you and a simple device, thinking about telling your story. Good stuff. Now my iPhone is really useful.Hitchcock is available now on the Apple App Store, and I’d encourage you to check it out.

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  1. Lyndon says:

    Where are the files from the Programmatic Animations in AE, MAX 2009 presentation?

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