Getting Adobe support back on track

Sometimes you just don’t get it right. It’s true for individuals, but it’s also true of large organizations. If you needed support from Adobe recently, you may have been feeling like we failed you. Rightly so. We haven’t been doing as well as we should. It wouldn’t be visible from the outside, but we’ve been working behind the scenes to put Adobe on a better path. Today, Adobe would like to formally apologize and promise to do better.

Lambert Walsh, VP, Technical Services speaks for Adobe on this subject: “Adobe is committed to providing the most advanced, innovative products and services in the world. Recently, however, our customers have experienced a level of service that is inconsistent with what they expect and deserve. This is unacceptable and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are working diligently to resolve these issues.”

The whole letter (PDF, 424 K) can be found on the Adobe support site.

3 Responses to Getting Adobe support back on track

  1. Cindi says:

    We are actively engaged in a productive conversation with Adobe users who have had poor service at Lambert and his team member Tracy Moisan are engaged in the conversation and we are closely tracking the outcome of issues that get brought to the attention of the email address listed as the way to get unresolved problems addressed.

  2. Frank Johnson says:

    I am in the midst of a 6-week saga with Adobe Support. Hands down, it’s the worst experience I’ve ever had. I wrote a running commentary on my situation while I was on hold at various points in my last phone conversation with support (and other departments) on January 8. The commentary is included in a letter I sent to Lambert Walsh and Tracy Moisan on January 11 – I live about 20-30 miles away from Adobe headquarters, so I’m assuming the letter has now been delivered. But I’ve heard nothing from them yet. So I can only assume that no one at Adobe is interested in solving my problem.

  3. Frank Johnson says:

    Today, my problem installing Adobe Presenter was finally solved. Adobe’s Tier 2 support contacted me by phone and walked me through the installation process which was successful. While I still believe that Adobe’s support processes desperately need revamping, I do want to publicly recognize the efforts of their Tier 2 …support team today and publicly bring this saga to a close – it’s only fair.

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