I love a good video hoax

I don’t know how this happened (OK, maybe it’s not a stretch), but it seems that my non-techie friends have come to consider me their source for debunking internet video hoaxes. They’re always sending me the latest one and asking for my opinion.

I have to admit I love these things. Yes, they’re usually pimping a product through viral marketing, but they’re just funny and many of them are well executed. Having created and seen my share of visual effects over the years, I can appreciate the care and creativity that goes into them.

My favorite one of late is the MEGAWOOSH Bruno Kammerl jumps video. I’d bet that After Effects was involved in this somehow. If you were involved in the production of this one, send me a note…Your secrets are safe with me. Honestly. One observer has thoughtfully posted a detailed breakdown of how this shot could be done.

Here’s another new one. I think this is how computer viruses are transmitted.

Do me a favor and send comment with a link to your favorite video hoax!

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