Fireside Chat Followup — More? Yes!

In case you missed it, I invited everyone to give the After Effects team a call last week. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but I have to say — it was a lot of fun. We had time for 8-10 calls, and we enjoyed talking to everyone who took time from their busy day to call us. To all that called, Thanks! And thanks to the AE team who joined me on the phone!

We had a variety of calls. Some had some technical issues, some wanted to give us their feature requests. One person called to say that he just got a great job using After Effects and that he’s having fun with it.

For those of you who called in, here’s a photo of our Friday “Wine down”. From left to right in this picture is: The right arm of David Summerlin, Todd Kopriva, Amir Stone, Me (Michael Coleman) and Jim Acquavella. Also in the room, but out of view were Jeff Almasol, Ellen Wixted, Chris Prosser, Dan Wilk, John Nelson, Seth Monger, Dan Ramirez, Will Lockwood, Brian Connolly.Thumbnail image for IMG_2132.jpgBy far the most common feedback was the request to make a podcast or do it as a web meeting. Good ideas, and we’ll consider it for the future. But I like the one-on-one approach for several reasons. First of all, it’s more personal. This is all about you talking to us, not the other way around. Second, it takes much more time to produce a bigger event. This was meant to be an easy chat with our customers and we want to avoid a lot of prep work or post production which might be a distraction from After Effects development.It’s true that making a podcast of the sessions would avoid having to answer the same questions all the time. But there’s value for us in the repetition. We’re driven by demand. If we hear the same issue or request from multiple people, it gives us a sense for how important it is. That’s good information and something that might go missing if we change the format of the discussion.Regardless of format, we’re absolutely going to keep doing the Friday fireside chats. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do it every week, but for now I think we’ll shoot for once a month. Stay tuned to this blog and my twitter feed for announcements and schedule.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I think this is a great idea! I read the letter on the support site and I think you guys are heading in a good direction.While I’m no Maltaannon or Andrew Kramer, I still use After Effects every day in a corporate setting to keep food on my family’s table.It’s nice to know that you’re willing to listen to us.

  2. Brilliant Idea. I am sure others could do something like this and create a good customer understanding.

  3. John Pollak says:

    Can Someone there please help me figure out how to save or render a project in snow leopard, I have racked up 100’s of crashes in the last 2 days I am falling behind in my work…. Please help me!!!

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