Let’s have a fireside chat today.

There’s been a lot of excitement and questions surrounding our 64-bit announcement this week, so once again, the After Effects team is opening our phone line for another session of our “fireside chats.” The sessions are a way for you to reach out to the After Effects team and tell us what’s on your mind, ask us a question, or just say hello. It’s an open format, and it’s simply some one-on-one time with the After Effects team.

We’ll be answering the phone from 4-5 pm Pacific Time, today, October 30th, 2009.

For the complete details and ground rules, please refer to my original fireside chat announcement.

The phone number is +1 (775) AFTERFX, or +1 (775) 238-3739. We look foward to hearing from you!

3 Responses to Let’s have a fireside chat today.

  1. You guys are in Seattle right? Here’s a link so people can figure out the timing in other time zones: http://tr.im/DCvE

  2. Anson says:

    I want gradient layer mask style.Just like Fusion or Nuke.

  3. Lee says:

    Hi there . . . I am in London/UK so calling is a little expensive and Seattle is way way out of my time zone.I have one single request that would make my life so much easier:On much used plug-ins like Levels and Curves can we please (please, please) allow them to be expanded (dragged out) to whatever size the user feels comfortable using.It seems bizarre that as screen resolutions creep ever upwards – our little Levels or Curves (or Hue and Saturation . . . . etc) panels effectively (or rather proportinally) get smaller and smaller.I find myself in situations – with a client learning over my shoulder – battling with a tiny box on a massive monitor – when it would be some much easier if I could simply grab a corner of – for example – the curves graph and scale it out to a usable size.Sometimes I am attempting to make subtle changes with the Curves panel and feel like someone has asked me to fill in a passport application on the back of a postage stamp !Please !! help !! The monitors are getting bigger/higher resolution, please keep up – if only for my poor eyes.Lee.

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