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New RED Mysterium-X support

As many of you know, Production Premium CS5 includes built-in support for the RED camera format. In the past couple months, RED has been making a lot of changes, including introducing their new Mysterium-X sensor and the latest “Color Science”.

Today we are posting a significant update to our RED camera import plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. It includes support for the new camera sensor and a bunch of new features. Check out the full details at Todd Kopriva’s Region of Interest blog. You can always go directly to get the plug-in from Adobe Labs.

64-bit plug-ins for After Effects CS5

We know our customers love and rely on the plug-ins that come from our awesome 3rd party developers.

Since we’ve shipped After Effects CS5, a ton of 64-bit native plug-ins have become available. As plug-in developers release 64-bit versions of their plug-ins, we are adding them to a big list on the official After Effects pages. You can check out the most recent list at the After Effects plug-in page on

If you see a plug-in that missing from this page, let me know and we’ll find out what the status is.

Yanobox introduces Nodes


No, not those kind of nodes. Graphical nodes. Yanobox has announced a new effect that creates animated connections of lines and graphics that seems perfect for visualizing boring lists in creative ways. The samples on the web site are really beautiful. Information designers are going to love this one.

It runs on the FxFactory architecture, which is 64-bit native and compatible with After Effects CS5 on Mac OS. Check out the video at

Time for another fireside chat

Now that CS5 has hit the streets, it’s time for another fireside chat with the After Effects team.

Have a question for the After Effects team? Want to pitch a feature idea? Wondering what our take is on industry trends? We’ll be taking calls on Thursday May 20, from 9am to 10am PST.

We did something similar a few times last year, and it was a lot of fun–we get to hear what’s on your mind and learn more about what you’re doing. But many of you asked to be able to listen to other callers, and some folks expressed an interest in just listening in.

So, we’re trying something new. We’ve set up a conference call. You’ll call into the 800 number listed below, follow prompts to enter the ID and password, and then you’ll be able to listen in. If you want to ask a question, just press #71, and you’ll move into the queue. We’ll answer as many calls as we can in an hour, and if it seems like a good conversation, we’ll do it again.

We will also have a chat room set up: so you can provide feedback and ask questions. And if you want to propose some topics for us to chat about in between calls, feel free to comment on our Facebook page:

Last but not least, we’ll be recording the session and making it available later in the week in case you have to be at your job or something.

We’re looking forward to hearing what’s on your mind!

After Effects fireside chat: Thursday May 20, 9-10am PDT.
Call 877-220-5439, use ID 882164 and password 1223334444.