64-bit plug-ins for After Effects CS5

We know our customers love and rely on the plug-ins that come from our awesome 3rd party developers.

Since we’ve shipped After Effects CS5, a ton of 64-bit native plug-ins have become available. As plug-in developers release 64-bit versions of their plug-ins, we are adding them to a big list on the official After Effects pages. You can check out the most recent list at the After Effects plug-in page on Adobe.com

If you see a plug-in that missing from this page, let me know and we’ll find out what the status is.

10 Responses to 64-bit plug-ins for After Effects CS5

  1. Charles Taylor says:

    Speaking of plugins – how have you guys not bought Nucleo Pro from Gridiron? That adds some absolutely KILLER functionality that any regular AE user would love to have standard.Biggest improvement to AE since I’ve started using it.

  2. spenser says:

    BCC7 crashes constantly after minutes of applying any of it’s filters in AE CS5. It doesn’t appear to be 64 bit ready and they have not plans on correcting it.

  3. Ian says:

    Where are the zax plugins? What about walker effects? Bet those are never coming. Nor the tinderbox plugins either. Your short sighted decision not to allow any support for 32 bit plugins hurts everyone’s investment. At the very least you could do what apple has done with logic and build a mechanism to support 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit program.

    • mcoleman says:

      It’s my understanding that some of the plug-ins you mention are being worked on. Genarts has stated that Tinder is destined to be released as a new product in the future. Not sure what that means, but I’ll try to find some more info for you.

      Going 64-bit only isn’t short sighted. The performance improvements we’ve been hearing about have been excellent. (If you don’t want to take my word for it, ask around and read the reviews of other users.) If we built a mechanism to support 32-bit plug-ins, the transition to full 64-bit would take much longer, and therefore much longer for all customers to begin seeing the advantages of 64-bit. Plus, we would have been forced to trade off other great features like the Roto-brush.

      So please keep two things in mind: First, We recognize that we are trading some short term pain for long-term gain. Going 64-bit only is not short-sighted. In fact, it’s the best long-term direction for After Effects. Second, we have been very proactive about working with 3rd party developers to help them make the transition. These changes were communicated to 3rd parties many months before CS5 was publicly available. You can help yourself and After Effects by contacting your plug-in makers and requesting 64-bit versions. You’ve already done this, but it doesn’t hurt to let us us know which plug-ins you’re waiting for are so that we can help accelerate the transition.

      I hope you can see that both choices had their drawbacks, but the path we chose has the most to gain and the most long-term benefits. In fact, it’s the best way to maximize your investment in After Effects and plug-ins.

  4. Thomas says:

    Anybody here?

    CC Plugins are upgraded by Cycore FX to 16 Bit (CC HD) even BEFORE you guy started to think about any kind of CS5 release.

    Ae Compsting Suite?

    Never Heard about it!

  5. Jerry B says:

    1. Okay, I’ll bite. What are the long term plans for AE now that it is 64bit? Given the pace if real features added in the past updates (going back to probably v5 or 6 not just CS5) the updates seem to consist of 1 or 2 new features and the inclusion of some plugin that was purchased from someone else. While your fireside chats is a good idea i think it is pretty clear what users want but what is your vision for the product? What do you want to include?

    To head off your inevitable question as to what it us users want I will quickly recap some that i have heard for you:
    1. Ability to play footage with basic effects in real time without caching
    2. A nodal interface option
    3. Improved rotoscoping (rotobrush is a start but a long way off – buy silhouettefx)
    4. 3d al la Photoshop
    5. Ability to use PS plugins in AE
    6. PS styles layer styles
    7. Proper curves and levels plugins with ability to add sample points, choose sample point size etc. Again al la PS
    8. IK, spring al la Flash Pro
    9. Better integration with AI to allow for better animation of AI elements.
    10. 32 bit plugins across the board including the cc plugins (just license it already)
    11. 3d tracking

    • mcoleman says:

      Some good ideas in there. Thanks. We’ve definitely heard similar requests from others as well. Some of them are high on our list of things we would like to do. I can’t make any promises about what’s going to be in future versions, not because I don’t want to. As a public company, I’m limited to what Adobe information I can share. I will say that moving to 64-bit has been a great thing for After Effects development. It was a big effort to be sure, but it gives us a great foundation to build on for the future.

      A few quick comments: I want to make sure that you know we now include mocha v 2.0 with After Effects CS5 . It has very powerful masking and tracking capabilities, so I don’t think we’ll be buying silhouette fx any time soon.

      You can already import and edit most PS layer styles in AE, so I’ll need some more info about what you’re thinking there.

      32-bit versions of the CC plug-ins are available from Cycore, so if it’s important, you don’t have to wait for those.

  6. Jerry B says:

    Did i miss somthing re: rotoscoping in AE? From the imagineer site: “mocha for After Effects can export mocha shape data, allowing rotoscoping shapes with variable, per-point edge feathering to be used outside mocha for After Effects.
    NOTE: You will need to purchase the mocha shape for After Effects plug-in to import the mocha shape data into After Effects.” is this plugin now included in AE CS5?

    • mcoleman says:

      Yes! We now include the Imagineer mocha shape plug-in (normally an extra $99) with your After Effects CS5 purchase or upgrade. This gives copy-and-paste integration of mocha and After Effects. Enjoy!

  7. Jerry B says:

    That is nice. I actually researched it last night. Thanks. And scratch roto off the list!

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