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Red Giant releases Knoll Light Factory 2.7

Lens effects are one of the most popular motion graphics elements. The popular Knoll Light Factory creates all kinds of creative lens flares, glints and highlights. Red Giant has just released version 2.7. This release is 64-bit compatible, which is great news for those of you who have been using or thinking of upgrading to CS5. In addition to the greater performance of 64-bit, Red Giant has also added an improved new lens designer interface. Looks like a good release. Check it out at the Red Giant web site.

New plug-ins: CameraTracker and Kronos

The foundry has released a couple of awesome new plug-ins for Adobe After Effects CS5.

First up, a match-moving plug-in called CameraTracker, which allows you to create After Effects cameras matching those a moving camera clip was shot with. This means you can then use any of the powerful tools and plug-ins available in Adobe After Effects CS5 to add motion graphics and visual effects which really integrate with the movement of the scene. If you’ve seen the Panic Room or Fringe titles, you know what I mean.

The second plug-in is called Kronos. Kronos is a CUDA-accelerated retimer. The results are similar to After Effects’ built in Timewarp effect and Pixel Motion frame blending option. However, if you have an NVIDIA card like those that accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, then this new plug-in will take advantage of your card’s processing horsepower to speed up your creative slow motion and speed ramping effects.

The Foundry has posted some nice examples of CameraTracker and Kronos on their web site. Enjoy.