New plug-ins: CameraTracker and Kronos

The foundry has released a couple of awesome new plug-ins for Adobe After Effects CS5.

First up, a match-moving plug-in called CameraTracker, which allows you to create After Effects cameras matching those a moving camera clip was shot with. This means you can then use any of the powerful tools and plug-ins available in Adobe After Effects CS5 to add motion graphics and visual effects which really integrate with the movement of the scene. If you’ve seen the Panic Room or Fringe titles, you know what I mean.

The second plug-in is called Kronos. Kronos is a CUDA-accelerated retimer. The results are similar to After Effects’ built in Timewarp effect and Pixel Motion frame blending option. However, if you have an NVIDIA card like those that accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, then this new plug-in will take advantage of your card’s processing horsepower to speed up your creative slow motion and speed ramping effects.

The Foundry has posted some nice examples of CameraTracker and Kronos on their web site. Enjoy.

5 Responses to New plug-ins: CameraTracker and Kronos

  1. AeUserGroup says:

    I’m sure you know what Ae users are thinking now.
    These plugins should be by DEFAULT in the Ae plugin arsenal.

    In the last couple of months we have to believe that we’re literaly forced to spend more and more money on plugins (plus future update/upgrades) to make Ae a reliable Motion Graphics and Compositing Suite.

    My plugins library consits from over 40 expensive paid plugins, recently i had to update them from $ 40 to $ 99 per plugin upgrade. Do the math man. I’m not able to work permanetly on my own machine whenever i do freelance work, that means that my paid plugins are not available on (administrated + access limited) alien machines and productivity immediately drops down to 30% because i have to workaround everything that i’m normally able to achieve with plugins.

    Just think about that for a minute or two.

    • mcoleman says:

      If I understand you correctly, the After Effects team should replicate all 3rd party plug-ins or include them for free? Not possible, my friend. Adobe doesn’t have the lock on cool ideas and our own team is a modest size. This is why After Effects can be extended by other developers. They can create additional cool things that we don’t have the resources to get done.

  2. AeUserGroup says:

    I believe you did not understood the approach in any way.

    If you don’t even have the resources at least to write already included old 8 Bit plugs to 16 and 32 Bit plugs, seems to me that you are literally saying that Ae is “just” a side car product at Adobe, not worth a dime to invest more in development.
    We’re not talking about “cool” new features.
    We want enhanced productivity, we want Ae how it could be, therefore how it should be.

    If you think that your team is too small and you need more resources, then go and ask for more.
    Do you love your product as much as your user base does?
    Then go and do it, push it man!!

    • mcoleman says:

      I’m glad you brought up productivity because After Effects CS5 contains significant productivity enhancements. With a complete overhaul for 64-bit operating systems, rendering performance is significantly improved and many After Effects users are seeing 20-40% lower render times. With multi-core machines, the improvements are even better. I’ve written a lot about these improvements on this blog. The Roto Brush is another example of how CS5 dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend on common rotoscoping and masking tasks. As you can see, we choose to tackle the things that we believe will bring the most benefit to the user base. It’s true, we could have chosen to make all of our effects process color depth at 32 bits per channel, but this would require us to defer more critical productivity enhancements. We love the product and we’re always looking for the best improvements possible.

      In general, I think your comments are meant to be provocative, and hopefully you’ll be glad to hear that After Effects enjoys a good reputation within Adobe — both the development team and the passionate and professional user base we serve. I will never claim that our team has done everything for everyone in one release. No team can, no matter how big or how many resources it has. But I will say that our goal is to choose the right things in the right order and that we’ll keep working on making it better in every release.

  3. AeUserGroup says:


    Dear Mr. Coleman i don’t feel that you have enough (positive) agression to bring After Effects on top what we (THE USER) believe you could do.

    If you really want me to be “provocative” let’s bring it on, c’mon, push me instead using (that) wasted time to push your product.

    Let me count how many people really rely on major roto brush work … one second thought … i barely know some post production professionals who use Ae for Post- Work in any way … they say “NO WAY” coz they know their tools you might never heard of and never spent a minute or two to understand.
    Please stop moaning and make Ae a welcome and ground solid piece of software for MOTION GRAPHIC designers.

    I have MORE fun playing around with photoshop but i’m bound to Ae, so what do you have to offer?
    No resources?

    By all respect, talking to you makes no sense at all coz you’ re bound and lost in whatever world i do not want to be part of.

    you have never listened and you only listen to those channels that you are interested in, not giving a damn what REAL people have to say.

    I’m over and out, Goodbye

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