NoteTag Installation: Tips From the Field

Here are some “tips from the field” to help with the NoteTag installation process. If you have any problems (or suggestions!), add them to the comments for this thread.

1) There are a few references to “C:\Dev\workspace” in the installation guide. This is the suggested workspace folder location, but feel free to use any path.

2) With regard to the SSL keystore file, be sure that the name you use with keytool.exe is the same as the element in jrun.xml. For example, if the command to generate the keystore file is:

keytool -genkey -alias localhost -validity 9999 -keyalg RSA -keystore c:\notetag.keystore -keypass mypass -storepass mypass

then the SSL service in jrun.xml should look like this:

<service class="jrun.servlet.http.SSLService" name="SSLService">
    <attribute name="port">9100</attribute>
    <attribute name="keyStore">{jrun.rootdir}/lib/notetag.keystore</attribute>
    <attribute name="keyStorePassword">mypass</attribute>
    <attribute name="trustStore">{jrun.rootdir}/lib/trustStore</attribute>
    <attribute name="socketFactoryName">jrun.servlet.http.JRunSSLServerSocketFactory</attribute>
    <attribute name="deactivated">false</attribute>
    <attribute name="bindAddress">*</attribute>
    <attribute name="interface">*</attribute>
    <attribute name="clientAuth">false</attribute>

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