The Kiwi Team is Hiring!

Interested in working on a cutting-edge, Flex-based, “Web 2.0” project? Interested in building one of the first Apollo apps from the ground up? The Kiwi team is currently interviewing candidates for a senior engineering position. If you’ve got solid Java/OO skills (Flex experience is obviously a plus) and live in the SF Bay Area, we want to hear from you! You can find the job description posted here (search for “kiwi”, then click on “Computer Scientist”).

3 Responses to The Kiwi Team is Hiring!

  1. Hi, this is very interesting job offer. Is it possible for non-USA residents to participate in this project?I’m asking not for idle curiosity but now deciding whether publish this announcement on my own site (visited mostly by Eastern Europe citizens).

  2. Brian Riggs says:

    Unfortunately the job is only open to US residents who live in the SF Bay Area.

  3. Brian, thanks for fast response!