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AS3 programming 101 for C/C++ coders

In my previous article, I covered ActionScript 3 languange syntax and constructs that may be of interest to C/C++ coders starting out on ActionScript 3. This article covers areas of AS3 that are different from C/C++ in regards to functional issues that may be interesting to people with C/C++ experience. ActionScript 3 is a powerful language with some very nice features. However, as a long time C/C++ coder I found ActionScript lacking things I was used to having.

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AS3 language 101 for C/C++ coders

This article covers aspects of ActionScript 3 that would be helpful to C/C++ application engineers transitioning to application development in Flex and Flash.

I’ve used C/C++ through most of my educational and professional career. I’ve also done a respectable share of Javascript and Perl. ActionScript 3 could be viewed as an interesting blend of features from all of these languages. Actionscript 3 conforms to the ECMAscript 4 spec. So, it is a standard languange. In addition to the standard language syntax, AS3 contains a custom class framework for working with Flex/Flash.

The following are areas in the AS3 language that I personally found interesting.

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