Flex SDK – running test builds

Setting up a new machine today I ran into an issue running the test command when checking a patch I created for the Flex SDK within ANT.

The command I was running is to test my change: ant -q checkintests

The error was: BUILD FAILED
C:\svn\branches\4.x\build.xml:1103: The following error occurred while executing
this line:
C:\svn\branches\4.x\build.xml:1233: Java returned: 1

This had me confused because I “thought” I had configured everything correctly on this new machine. I checked the build.xml and found it failed on the mustellaresultsparser.

After about 30 minutes of review I realized that I didn’t configure the Flash Player with the mm.cfg for the trace output and looking at the java class for MustellaResultsParser it was clear that it was necessary.

Make sure you have the following lines in your mm.cfg file.

If you run into this error I hope you find my blog 😉

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