How to search for updated Maven plugin’s? The Central Repository of course!

I have used Maven in the past but I’m no expert. I’m also new to some of the plugin’s used with CQ and I tend to learn best by example so I started looking at all the pom.xml files I could. During my search I found a great example of an OSGi service example called “In the Sling”. The only problem with this example is that it’s an old post and the plugin’s versions are also old in the pom.xml. The information is great and still relevant so I simply needed to update the file with new Maven plugin’s.

The official Maven Central Repository is here: 

You can use the advanced search or simply search by Group ID “g:” and Artifact ID “a:” together. This was the quickest way to find the most current version of my plugin’s.

Here are a few examples of how quickly you can retrieve the most current version of a plugin. Just past in the search strings below to get the most current version.

g:”org.apache.felix” a:”maven-bundle-plugin”
g:”org.apache.felix” a:”maven-scr-plugin”
g:”org.apache.maven.plugins” a:”maven-compiler-plugin”
g:”” a:”maven-sling-plugin”

I added the following within my pom.xml so developers who access my pom.xml files will be able to search quickly for the most current version.

It may seem like a no-brainer but it took me a little while to figure out the most current versions of all the plugin’s for my example.

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