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You can vote on what gets fixed in Flex, Flash, and Flash Builder

I’ve been working on a demo application to show off a new feature in AIR, and this sort of work has me interacting with the Adobe bug databases quite often. One of the things you may not realize is that the public has read and write access to the Flash Player, Flex SDK and Flash Builder bug databases; more than that, every submitted bug is read by Adobe employees at bug review meetings, and bugs that have more votes are recognized as being important to the community.

Here are some pending issues in the bug database that I care about. If you also want these bugs fixed, you should vote on them (or submit some of your own):

Flash Player:
“Allow fullscreen mode to stay active on one monitor while the user is working on another”
I’ve seen users of MLB.TV find the current behavior especially annoying: Flash Player will close full screen mode if you interact with another monitor.

Flex SDK:
“Clicking and holding on a DropDownList doesn’t select an item”
This affects all the drop down lists you see in Flex applications. When you click and hold a drop down list and let go of the mouse button when you’re over an item, the item isn’t selected and the menu doesn’t close. This is different than the behavior of native drop down lists in OS X, Windows XP, and Linux.

Flash Builder:
“Cannot view any key bindings in General/Keys in Preferences with the Emacs scheme”
Despite using vi for text editing, I’m addicted to the Emacs key bindings Ctrl + a, Ctrl + e, etc. Flash Builder (quite coolly) has Emacs keyboard shortcuts built in, but this bug prevents the preferences window from showing all the shortcuts.

You have to register to vote or comment on a bug, but the process is standard and quick. Here’s the sign-up page:!default.jspa

You can create your own bugs, and Adobe employees will read every one. You can do that here:!default.jspa
and you can search for existing bugs here: