ShareFire 1.8 released!

After some delays due to the excitement and aftermath of MAX 2009, I’m happy to announce that a new version of ShareFire is ready. ShareFire is a feature-rich feed reader written in Adobe AIR, and it allows you to easily share stories across Twitter, AIM, email, and social networking sites. I created it with my boss Christian Cantrell when I was interning at Adobe, and I’ve had some time to add features to it and maintain the code. Some of the new features are:

  • Import from Google Reader
  • English spell checking of Tweets and AIM messages, using the free Adobe Labs project Squiggly
  • UI improvements to the Tweet window and the post display (which now displays the author’s name, if available)
  • Twitter URL shortening
  • Performance optimizations and reduced memory footprint
  • Keyboard usability improvements
  • Bug fixes

ShareFire is free and open source. You can access the code at, including the list of changes made to this version: starting at revision 509.

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