ShareFire Easter Egg & Prizes

By the way…
There’s an Easter Egg in the latest version of ShareFire. No one has found it yet, so I thought I’d tell you that the first three people to find it and respond will receive some Adobe stuff! (If you want it.) We have:


1st: Two Adobe mugs and an Adobe thermos


2nd: An “Adobe Standards” briefcase


3rd: An Adobe license plate cover and an Adobe sticker sheet

If you think these choice of gifts is odd, you’re right….They’re some swag/schwag we had in the office, and I got the sticker sheet at Adobe MAX.
If you find the Easter Egg, record some evidence (a screenshot) and email me at; I’ll let you know if you’re one of the first three to respond, in which case you can tell me where to send the prize. As always, you can grab the latest version at ShareFire IS an open source project, but you won’t find the secret in the code until either the promotion ends or the prizes are given away.
Terms and Conditions apply. Please read them.

2 Responses to ShareFire Easter Egg & Prizes

  1. Sachin Shinde says:

    Found it double click on Sharefire logo and it shows the countdown!!

  2. Thanks for the quick reply, but there’s a bit more to it.Good luck