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Adobe Flex on Android

Adobe AIR for Android has been around for a few months now (available in this prerelease program), but using it requires you to either code in pure ActionScript 3, pick up a third-party framework, or use a tool such as Flash Pro to create your own components. One of the most popular SDKs that simplifies this process has been Adobe Flex; on the desktop and the web, this is a powerful, free, open-source framework that provides hundreds of components and tools. With the next version of Flex, it’ll be optimized and available for mobile devices.

I’m developing an application using the next version of Flex, known as “Hero,” and in the process I discovered that I need to access the device’s camera. To test Flex’s interoperability with AIR’s camera APIs, I decided to create a simple Flex app that pulls video and still photos from my Nexus One’s camera, loads them in a new screen (called a View), and displays the photo when the user physically shakes the device. This makes for a decent (if simple) demo of what Flex Hero can do on mobile devices; I recorded this running on my Nexus One and did a quick screencast of the code in Flash Builder:

You can learn more about Flex on mobile here:

I’ll probably put this project and code up on my blog in the near future, and stay tuned for more videos of my Flex “Hero” apps running on mobile devices.