Code, Package, and Debug Flex mobile apps with Flash Builder “Burrito”

Two weeks ago, Adobe released a preview version of Flash Builder. Codenamed Flash Builder “Burrito,” it’s available on Adobe Labs as a 60-day trial. This version contains many features and enhancements that let you easily deploy applications to Android phones and tablets. You can use the included version of the Flex SDK to create Flex apps for phones like the Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Evo, etc., or code in pure ActionScript 3, and have total control over the Flash app that you choose to deploy. Using Flash Builder “Burrito,” you can code, package APKs, install your applications over USB, and perform on-device debugging using WiFi.

To get users started with Flash Builder “Burrito,” I wrote a 25-page document that was handed out at the Adobe MAX Device Lab. I’m making it available here as a PDF. It serves as a tutorial and reference to walk you through the creation, deployment, and debugging of Flex mobile applications, and has resources for more advanced topics. This workflow guide includes:

  • Creating a new Mobile Project
  • Importing an Existing Mobile Project
  • Adding Code
  • Building
  • Running and Debugging on the Desktop and on a Device
  • Your First Flex “Hero” App: “Hello, World!”
  • Packaging for Release
  • Installing the Android SDK
  • Appendix:
  • Conditional Compilation
  • Managing SDKs
  • Additional Resources

This document can get you started creating multiscreen Flex and AS3 applications, and will show you how to use Flash Builder “Burrito” to deploy and debug your apps on Android devices.

Download it here: Flash Builder and Flex Workflows for Multiscreen App Development [PDF]
Adobe Flash Builder “Burrito” is available as a 60-day free trial here.

7 Responses to Code, Package, and Debug Flex mobile apps with Flash Builder “Burrito”

  1. Peter Witham says:

    Thanks for sharing with those of us not lucky enough to attend.

  2. Paul Trani says:

    Hey that cover looks familiar! 🙂

    Great post and great lesson to follow, because it’s simple and straightforward.

  3. Thank you for sharing this doc. Finally got me to do an app. Quick read, and was spot on to get started. Within 10min I ported a previous air app to Android and deployed.

    This is a very good doc to get a quick jump start if you are comfortable with Flex/Air and even if you are not.

    Thank you again.

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  5. Awesome doc, can’t wait to get started using Burrito

  6. Jack says:

    Thanks for the great document. I’m finishing an application using Hero/Burrito, and I can’t figure out why the app freezes up in the first screen when I deploy a non-debug version, while the debug version runs fine on my android device.

    Reading about deployment in your doc, i’m doing all the right things.

    Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

    • Jack says:

      Never mind my previous comment. The solution was that metadata was being dropped by the optimizing compiler so the swiz code I had in there never executed. All fixed now.