Open-source Flex “Hero” app: SurveyApe

If you’re interested in creating a complex Android application using Flex, you may have questions about more advanced topics. I wrote a fully featured mobile application called SurveyApe using Flex “Hero,” and I’ve recently released the code, which you can use to answer these questions. You may find the code useful to learn about the Model View Controller architecture, asynchronous Database Access Object design patterns, how to code Flex to handle orientation changes, and a clean way to prevent memory leaks in asynchronous function calls. You can also modify the application as you see fit (but be sure to look at the open source license first).

Here’s a video showing SurveyApe:

You can get the SurveyApe APK and code from Adobe Labs: Flex Dev. Center:

If you’re new to Flash Builder and Flex mobile development, you may want to check out my Flex “Hero” and Flash Builder “Burrito” workflow guide. It’ll help you get started with writing, deploying, and debugging applications on Android devices.

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