QuikStock 0.6 and source code released — Google Finance AIR app

Six months ago I wrote an application called QuikStock, which lets you view your Google Finance porfolios, securities, and some various performance information. It can update in real time, and lets you have your portfolios open in separate windows. I created it to test out AIR 2 and some features of the Flex 4 framework, but I ended up developing it into a lightweight, standalone application, which I’ve made freely available online. Today I’ve released version 0.6 of QuikStock. It’s still in beta, but my other applications keep me from actively working on it.

QuikStock demonstration.

You can check out QuikStock 0.6 here: http://www.quikstock.com.

Today I also made the source code freely available. Feel free to download it, modify it, etc. Just pay attention to the source code license agreement in all of the source files.

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