Welcome to Ken Toley’s Web Blog!

Well I suppose we can start with a quick introduction.

I am the Flash Support Team Lead and the team’s Subject Matter Expert on Flash ActionScript and Application Architecture.
I have been working for Macromedia for a little over two years and decided to create my first Blog to help me keep a closer pulse on the Flash Community.
I hope you find it helpful and I hope you can help me to make each release of Flash the best release ever!

Welcome to my Blog!

4 Responses to Welcome to Ken Toley’s Web Blog!

  1. Welcome Ken!Glad to have you out and about!

  2. Alex Lovett says:

    Excellent! my first job for you is to add a button ‘Fix all bugs’ to the action script pane that simultaneously fixes bugs and even adds new features to the code that the user was planning on adding, but couldn’t find the time.Oh and also I have this silly idea that you could maybe add the capacity to duplicate/move a loaded movieclip/image to a specified location in the swf’s hierarchy with AS 😉

  3. Hey, Ken- welcome to the ‘blogosphere!Good to see y’all getting out and about… 🙂

  4. Sandro Sacco says:

    Great news! Yours is a very welcomed entry in “Blogworld”.Started reading it straight away.Sandro