Devleoping Flash for Mobile.. Internet reborn or are we going back to basics?

So lots of folks in the community are saying Mobile and Devices Development is the future. Some even say it will be like having a brand new internet. I have to admit, ideas of being able build Flash applications that can run virtually anywhere is an exciting concept but like all things new, we have a fair way to go before we will have Flash as abundant on cell phones as we do on Web Browsers. I can say development on devices is picking up. Slowly but surely developers are reaching out to support with the same sort of challenges they had when they first started making the transition from Flash animation and “Web Toys� to Flash Applications with advantages over existing technology in the medium. How many of you are developing Flash for Mobile Devices? Perhaps a better question, how many folks think they will probably be developing mobile applications in the next 2-3 years? Where is all this going to go, and what do you need to help you get there?

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  1. We just need more licensing agreement with Macromedia and other manufacter companies, like they did for Nokia Series60 !We need to run FlashLite apps on every mobile browsers.How long are we going to wait to see FlashLite penetration reach the 50% of sold mobile phones around the world ??

  2. We have everything we need, except easy access distribution channels. The reason for the lack of distribution channels (bar carriers) is almost entirely due to the lack of supporting handsets, but that can only get better as time goes on! 🙂 Then I expect to see third party content houses that advertise in teens/mens magazines, online and on TV churning out the FL goods, and the developers fighting for the cash.

  3. mh says:

    as2 – no one wants to go back to flash4/5, theres gonna be lots of people waiting to see what happens at max next week. Oh and we need the big phone companys to embed the players.

  4. Ken says:

    Ah ha.. so you will be at max will you? HE HEH HE; you are in for a treat ;)See you there 🙂

  5. Hi Ken,Ive been working on flash lite projects for 6 months, all non-comercial games/applications, and local developers are really excited about this new horizon for flash enabled devices. I would say mobile operators companies are responsible for picking up new technologies to be applied in their services. The major point is Flash Cast, introduce it to Operators, make it happen and flash content on mobile devices will spread as fast as flash on the web.

  6. I will be at Max too. Leaving in 2 days for a 12 hours trip. (São Paulo-Washington-Anaheim). See you guys there. =)

  7. We needed a larger integration with native operations of the device (bluetooth, sharedobjects, camera), too more compatibility among the devices.For example, my Nokia 6600 doesn’t work good part of the functionality that Flash offers (Vibrate, MMS…)Will the new version of FlashPlayer for devices be compatible with all the devices with Symbian SO?

  8. as larger the range of devices that they support the use of the flashplayer, better!

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