So I just finished my first shift at MAC World SF and can I just say, WOW what a turn out

This is my first time at MAC World. Normally you will find me at Max or Flash Forward. But this year is pretty important to have our meet and greets to get to know all of the customers from both sides of the fence and my favorite jack of all trades whose best talents straddle it.

I have to say it was a rather huge contrast from predominantly large number of web developers I normally talk with. I got to shake hands with a lot of video professionals and photographers who could not wait to bring their content to the web in Flash.

Normally at the traditionally Macromedia centric conferences I would meet only a few first time users of Flash, often users who just specialized in other in other tools or server products. But at MAC World, I met some surprising number of users who seemed to be just learning about Flash now because now it comes in the web bundle. For some users it seemed that showing just a hand full of the new design features felt a little like opening some your Christmas gifts a day early.

A good number of experienced Flash users had some impressive ideas for new features and feed back on how the Adobe and Macromedia products could work in the future and were overjoyed to see the first of Adobe products available on macromedia labs. (Literoom)

There were even some inquires and buzz about Flash Lite despite the Flash Lite 2.0 beta update only being available on windows.

Before we became Adobe I knew it would open up a world of new opportunities for our technology and our users. However the enthusiasm and the electric atmosphere at MAC World was beyond my expectation so soon after being acquired.

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