Do you have the right stuff?

Have you experienced Flash Technical support?

What did you think?

Oh ya? Think you can do better?

Well now is your chance to prove it!

After about two and a half years in Flash Technical Support, and more then a year as the Support lead and subject matter expert in ActionScript and Application Architecture I have decided to take my experience helping users fix problems and innovate solutions to helping the Player Engineering team solve problems, innovate solutions and bring new features to the Flash Player.

That means that soon I will be looking for some new blood. You experienced coders, you quick witted, good humored Flash developers who love to think on your feet, and you hard core jack of all trades who love a never ending challenge, now is your chance to get your foot in the door and help shape the evolution of Flash and its user community.

Applicants must have nerves of steel, be passionate(or nutz) about Flash, enjoy a good party, and enjoy occasional travel, and good pool playing skills are a plus but not required. 😉

Show us what you got!

3 Responses to Do you have the right stuff?

  1. dkny says:

    no i don’t have the right stuff … i really don’t I am sorry

  2. senocular says:

    Was is your lacking pool skills dkny? Remember, they’re not required.

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