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Well spring is here, although it may not feel like it for many, and I finally got another tutorial up on DevNet

To me this article is interesting for two reasons. First, I have authored it with Loren Leed from CollegeNet, and educational solutions company in Portland, and the first time I have actually seen Loren was when his picture hit the website yesterday.

Second, this project actually began with a support call probably about a year or so ago and I think shows, at least a little, of the thought process that went into coming up with a solution to a problem we had not faced before. Loren brought his needs and perspective to the project and I brought my understanding of ActionScript to the problem. We met in the middle with our different perspectives on video and result was not just a solution that helped Loren to meet his project deadline; but an experience which really helped me to gain some understanding of Captivate and its potential fit into the grand scheme of things as a fairly recent member of the Flash family of products.

Hope you enjoy it.